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My fuzzy ducklings…

Cute young brothers!  It stays so chilly at Granite Peaks Ranch that our Icies start shedding their coats in August.  just in time for winter!  I wonder how our colt Skýr will look without all his downy fur?  ...we will keep you posted.

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GPR’s Winter Warriors

After the long winter at Granite Peaks Ranch, Skýr is growing big and strong!  He loves his pal Loki and acts so independent now, at almost 6 months old.  Loki starts his Intrinzen routine & driving ground work again….wish us luck on the ice!  

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Horse Power

Passing thru to Reno from Colorado to the Reno Air Races we ran across this Pony Express Marker.  It couldn’t be more in the middle of nowhere!!!  No wonder the Pony Express was replaced by airplanes, the paths were lonely, treacherous and full of hiding...

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